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So, my family and I decided to take a vacation next week, our first vacation since we moved here to Dallas, Texas, and we decided to go to Disneyland. My husband and I thought it would be great for the kids and it wouldn’t hurt us a bit, to take some time off from work. So, we made some calls and we had a reservation for a whole week in California. Man, it’s going to feel good to relax and spend some quality time with the family.

Now you have to understand, we moved here only 6 months ago, due to my job (relocation), and we really weren’t familiar with the neighborhood my job had sent us to live in. Our old house had a security system set up in it before we had even moved in. The good thing about it was we never had to use it. We had lived in that house for 15 years, since my husband and I were in college, and had never had any problems. All the neighbors new each other, it was almost like having one really big family. Whenever anyone went out of town, a neighbor would ask one of the other’s to just keep an eye out on there house while they were away. It was a great place to live and we were definitely sad to leave but, our family’s income came first. That’s why we moved. I had an amazing job offer that we couldn’t refuse, but it did come with a downside, the move all the way to California.

Now, the “new” neighborhood that we moved into wasn’t anything like what we were used to. The neighbors weren’t all that friendly and everything just seemed so rushed all the time. We tried introducing ourselves to some of them but, they seem to dismiss us. So, of course, we did what anyone in that situation would do. We stopped trying and just made the best out of it.

So, let’s get back to the vacation. We made all the arrangements but we were concerned about leaving our house unprotected. I mean, we didn’t have “real neighbors”, just people who lived next door, so to speak. We didn’t want to take a chance of anything happening when we were gone so, my husband called the best security company in our area and had them come out within 48 hours of us leaving on our one week trip. The installed a whole bunch of things; security cameras (so we could see our home from our phones), alarm system, and a whole bunch of different wires. I never knew it would be so much to go into it. They got finished installing everything and we felt very much relieved about leaving.

The day of the trip.

Today we are leaving we set the alarm, set our phones, got into the car, and headed for Disneyland. Everyone was excited and we made it there in about 3 hours. Just in time to get to the hotel and check in. Now it was time for some fun and it was definitely stress free,especially knowing we had a security system watching over our home.